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CHIMNEY Fabricated chimneys manufactured from M.S plates with flanges /without flanges or readymade pipes along with all accessories used to discharge flue gas, hazardous gases in to the atmosphere.
DUCTING 1. M S fabricated ducting, in round, square, rectangle shape with or without flanges. 2. Ducting manufactured from readymade pipes in round shape. 3. Dampers of various types used to control flow of flue,gases etc.
INSULATION All insulations (cold and hot) as required at projects along with acoustic insulation.
PRESSURE VESSEL 1. Accumulators. 2. Steam accumulators. 3. Spherical or cylindrical subjected to internal pressure of steam or liquids.
TANKS 1.Capacity from 1 KL to 10000000 Kl for Steam,water,molasses, Liquids, Petrol, Diesel, Chemical and all forms of semi liquids, liquids with or without lining.
BOILERS 1. Boilers: from 05 kg/cm ² pressure to 125kg/cm² and from 0.5 kg to 150 Tons/Hr Capacity
PIPING 14 1. Blow Down Pipes of all sizes and thk along with valves, reducers, tees, flanges, control valves..
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